Cushion Collection

All Cushions are made from Sunbrella® ‘all weather’ acrylic fabric. Cushions are tailored to fit each item of Anderson furniture for best comfort and available for all products with your choice of bullnose, boxed edge, or boxed plus welted edge. Details may be obtained when making your purchase. In addition to our standard range of cushions, fabric options are available for special orders.  All cushions are custom made to order so allow 2-3 weeks for your Sunbrella® furniture cushion plus shipping to reach your destination. Cushions ship free when bundled and shipped together with furniture on check-out. 

Our Fabric is Made by Sunbrella
How do I clean my cushion or parasol canvas?
Care instructions are given with each product purchased, please also refer to the ‘Care of Sunbrella® fabric’ section on our web site.

2021-2022 Sunbrella Upholstery Collection
We make our cushions and umbrellas from Sunbrella® acrylic fabric. Unlike other canvas, Sunbrella® is fade-proof, stain-resistant, water-repellent, mildew-resistant and worry-free. Sunbrella® fabric lets you accentuate your outdoor lifestyle with long-lasting style.



Outdoor fabrics for our cushions are available in the following colors: please  click here.     

For Jacquards collection, please contact our sales representative.  

QuickShip Cushion (*)
In high season our cushion maker can be very busy and often it can take 3-4 weeks for delivery of cushions. As a result we are offering a QuickShip Program for our Deep-Seating cushions.  Please understand that all cushion order are final, no return and no refund.  You will be certain to get your furniture faster with the cushion if you choose the cushion color from our QuickShip Program.  The QuickShip Program is available in the above color under “QuickShip Cushion”

Custom Order Cushions
We also provide custom order cushion for our products if for any reason the colors or fabrics design above do not match with your environment. Just visit Sunbrella® official website at for more colors collection.
Due to different fabric price range, it might be additional charges for material, shipping and handling. All cushions order are final, no return and no refund. Please contact us for more information about this custom order cushion.