Oval Extension Tables

Bahama 67" Oval Extension Table
Bahama 71" Oval Extension Table
Sahara 106" Oval Double Extension Table
Bahama 79" Oval Extension Table
Bahama 117" Oval Extension Table
Bahama 87" Oval Extension Table

Rectangular Extension Tables

Bahama 94" Rectangular Extension Table
Bahama 118" Rectangular Extension Table
Bahama 177" Rectangular Extension Table
95" Rectangular Extension Table
Sahara 126" Rectangular Double Extension Table
Sahara 106" Rectangular Double Extension Table
Bahama 150" Rectangular Extension Table
Valencia 117" Rectangular Double Extension Table
Bahama 157" Rectangular Double Extension Table

Whether you need a small elegant piece, a slightly larger gathering table or a full sized dining table, you can find exactly what you have been searching for here.  Intricately made and completely original, these are constructed not only as a place to dine and entertain, but also as an accent piece for your home as well as your backyard.  This fabulous selection makes finding the perfect sized piece for your area easy.  If you have limited space, bistro tables are the answer.  The height of these tables give a contemporary feel while the design offers more of a traditional look thereby allowing these tables to blend beautifully with just about any décor style.  Placed in your balcony or in a patio, you are sure to receive compliments from your friends or family.

Anderson Teak offers an extensive range of table shapes and sizes.  From a small garden or courtyard to a large country property, we have a table to suit every need.